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Art and culture

  • Ljubljana celebrates 2000 years of Emona

    Two thousand years ago, the Roman city of Emona stood on the site of the present-day Ljubljana. In 2014, in celebration of the anniversary, Ljubljana will host a vibrant programme of events and experiences aimed at evoking the atmosphere of Roman times.

  • Musical tradition and contemporary musical life

    The scope of musical events held in Ljubljana reflects both a rich musical tradition and a burgeoning contemporary music scene.

  • Performing arts

    Apart from having a rich tradition of classical theatre and ballet, Ljubljana is one of the most important centres of contemporary theatre and dance in this part of Europe.

  • Festivals of all kinds and sizes

    Ljubljana hosts a rich programme of events, including a large number of well established festivals.

  • Visual arts

    Ljubljana has a vibrant artistic life. The prolific work of some of its artists has left a distinctive mark on the international art scene.

  • Literary trails

    In Ljubljana, the World Book Capital 2010, and in its surroundings there are a number of memorial houses where visitors get an insight into the lives and minds of the artists.