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Ljubljana is only a mid-sized European city, but it is far from being uneventful. Its city life is vibrant and there is always something going on for everyone, from families with young children to those who want to end the day with a visit to a club. What is special about Ljubljana is that it hosts a huge number of free open-air events and that its vibrancy is to a large extent due to its alternative culture. 

  • Clubs and nightlife

    Ljubljana is a great place for entertainment. Its lively nightlife atmosphere is due to not only the usual clubs and trendy late night bars, but also to a number of vibrant centres of alternative culture.

  • Family experiences

    Ljubljana and Central Slovenia make a perfect setting for family holidays. The range of experiences on offer is diverse and extraordinary.

  • Wellness and relaxation

    Central Slovenia, rich in natural resources, is well known for its healthy climate and a good offering of leisure and wellness facilities.

  • Social dancing in Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is a city with a highly developed dance culture and social dancing is a popular way of spending free time. Local dance schools have produced a number of world champions, particularly in ballroom and Latin dancing.

  • Open air events

    Free open air events are one of the particularities of Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia.

  • LGBTQ Ljubljana

    The Ljubljana LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) scene might not look much at first sight, but it is quite vibrant and it has a long and proud history.