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LGBTQ Ljubljana

The Ljubljana LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) scene might not look much at first sight, but it is quite vibrant and it has a long and proud history.

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    • Ljubljana's LGBTQ scene

      When Slovenia was still part of the former Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, Ljubljana's Student Cultural Centre, better known as ŠKUC, founded its gay section, called Magnus, which organized the first Ljubljana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (also known as the Magnus Festival) in 1984. The festival, which has since then been organized annually in November, is considered to be the oldest festival of gay and lesbian film in Europe.

      Ljubljana's dedicated LGBTQ activists and artists, organized in a number of non-governmental organizations, continue to contribute to the cultural scene in Ljubljana today. The major events organized by them include, apart from the annual film festival, the Pride Parade, held in the city's streets each year in June, and the Red Dawns art festival, held at the Metelkova mesto alternative culture centre each year in March.

      Ljubljana has several LGBTQ-friendly cafés, bars and clubs offering guests an opportunity to relax and have fun in each other's company. As far as social habits are concerned, Slovenians are generally seen as a bit reserved at first, but very open and friendly once they get to know you personally. Even though Ljubljana is considered to be one of the safer cities in the world, a few homophobic incidents have been registered over the last few years, so a bit of caution may not be a bad idea.

      Having a relatively young population and a large number of university students from across the country, Ljubljana has a lively club scene. The LGBTQ club scene is not large, but nevertheless it offers a vibrant and diverse programme of events. The regular events particularly worth mentioning are the Pink Saturday club nights held monthly at the legendary Klub K4 club, the club nights held at the Monokel lesbian club and the Tiffany gay club at the Metelkova mesto alternative culture centre on Friday and Saturday nights, and the LGBTQ-themed parties held at Tivoli Park's Euforia club on Saturday nights. In the Bežigrad area of Ljubljana there is a men-only sauna called Gymnasivm.

      For more information on the LGBTQ scene in Ljubljana, please contact the local non-governmental organizations, clubs, and bars and make your stay in Ljubljana unforgettable.

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