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  • Christmas shopping in Ljubljana

    Ljubljana offers excellent opportunities for Christmas shopping. Visit the Festive Fair, set up in the city centre, browse through the offerings of the city centre shops, and make sure not to miss the shopping opportunities awaiting you at the BTC City shopping centre.

  • Shopping in the Ljubljana city centre

    Ljubljana’s city centre is not only picturesque but it also offers some good shopping possibilities. After an interesting day of shopping, you can relax in one of the numerous coffee shops scattered all around the city centre.

  • Shopping centres

    A wide and varied choice of products from well-known international brands are available in the city centre, from several department stores and countless small shops. The largest shopping centres, however, are located on the outskirts of the city.

  • Outdoor fairs

    A visit to the old city centre of Ljubljana on a sunny day offers you a perfect opportunity to do some shopping at the Central Market or an outdoor fair.

  • Ljubljana Quality: The Best City Centre Shops

    Learn about the best that Ljubljana has to offer in terms of shopping. Check out the shops that have been rated as the best by local experts and awarded a Ljubljana Quality Mark.

  • Gifts and souvenirs

    The most interesting among the gifts and souvenirs that you can take home to remind you of your visit of Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia are those connected to the tradition of local arts and crafts.

  • Socially responsible tourism in Ljubljana

    Discover a different side to Ljubljana. Allow us to introduce you to some of the socially and environmentally responsible initiatives that not only provide solutions to social and environmental challenges, but also authentic local experiences.

  • Shops selling traditional Slovenian foods

    Have you been wondering where to buy traditional Slovenian foods and quality food products made in Slovenia? Read on and learn about some of the best shops selling them.