Tours and trips

Tours & excursions

Ljubljana is a beautiful city. Irrespective of the weather and time of the year, it has plenty to offer to visitors. It boasts an extraordinarily large number of sights, picturesque areas and pleasant nooks and crannies. Distances within Slovenia are short, which makes Ljubljana a perfect base for exploring Slovenia's diverse beauty.

  • Boat cruises along the Ljubljanica

    Boat cruises along the Ljubljanica

    Tourist boat cruises along the river Ljubljanica offer you an opportunity to experience the old city centre's picturesque bridges, façades and embankments from a completely different perspective.

  • Culinary tours and trips

    Culinary tours and trips

    Explore the flavours of Ljubljana and Central Slovenia. Relax and enjoy what all people like to enjoy together: good food.

  • Organized experiences

    Organized experiences

    Experience Ljubljana and Slovenia. Choose from a vast variety of organized activities, adventures, sports and adventure trips, etc.

  • Tours of Ljubljana

    Tours of Ljubljana

    See the major sights of Ljubljana and get to know the city's many faces in the company of a guide.

  • Trips in Central Slovenia

    Trips in Central Slovenia

    Explore Ljubljana's near surrounding areas. Get to know its natural diversity and recreational opportunities, and enjoy a real countryside experience.

  • Day trips around Slovenia

    Day trips around Slovenia

    Discover the beauties of Slovenia, visit its major sights and learn about the unique features of its regions.