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Maribor & Styria: History and wine growing

Take a trip to Štajerska, a Slovenian wine region boasting the world's oldest vine and a rich cultural heritage. The trip includes a visit to Maribor, the European Capital of Culture 2012, the Žice Carthusian Monastery, dating from the Middle Ages, and the lovely small town of Slovenske Konjice.

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      After visiting Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city, famous, among other things, as the place where the world's oldest vine is grown, you will take a tour of the Žice Carthusian Monastery, which once housed one of Europe's largest libraries and is well known for its long and proud history dating back to the Middle Ages. Following a ride through rolling hills planted with vineyards, you will visit the town of Slovenske Konjice. Your trip will include a tasting session of premium wines grown in the wine region of Štajerska.

      Price includes everything: transport, guide and entrance fees.


      Fridays at 8:30, other days by appointment.


      9 hours (full-day excursion)

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      The excursion is run for a minimum of two people. Maximum group size is 8.

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      The departure point is to be arranged on booking.

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      Slovenian, English
      Several other languages are available to groups of four or more by arrangement with the excursion operator. 


      This is an easy excursion suitable for people of all ages.

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