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Walking tour of Art Nouveau Ljubljana

This tour offers a detailed insight into most of Art Nouveau sights located in Ljubljana city centre.

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      At the turn of the 20th century, a new architectural style appeared in Ljubljana under the direct influence of Viennese Secession. Known under the name of "secesija", this local variant of Art Nouveau accounts for a large number of sights that importantly contribute to the appearance of Ljubljana.

      The walking tour of Art Nouveau Ljubljana takes you past most of the city's characteristic Art Nouveau sights including, among others, the buildings lining the Slovenski trg square and Miklošič Park (the latter designed by Max Fabiani), the famous facades of the Grand hotel Union, the buildings of the Cooperative Business Bank (Zadružna gospodarska banka) and the Centromerkur department store, the centrally located Prešernov trg square and Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most), a masterful Art Nouveau construction adorned with bronze dragons symbolising the city.


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