Ljubljana Tourism won a Digital Tourism Think Tank Award 2013


The project Visit Ljubljana: Tours and trips as experiences won the Digital Tourism Think Tank Award 2013 for content. Visit Ljubljana shares the first place in the category of Content with the Visit Stockholm Sounds App. The award winners were presented today at the ENTER conference in Dublin.

National Tourism Organisations and Destination Management Organisations with the most innovative and exciting digital strategies have been awarded for their work in different aspects of the field, as judged by a panel of experts.

The Tours and trips section of the Visit Ljubljana website won the award in a strong competition of innovative tourism projects and campaigns.

Ljubljana Tourism is in charge of the city tourist guide services. Our city tours were always received quite well but at one point in time we figured we should definitely put more diversity into the offer. Thinking about extending the experience for visitors as well as the benefits for community we reached out to the local travel agencies. By cooperating with them Ljubljana Tourism managed to extend the focus for the visitors of Ljubljana from merely attending a range of guided city tours to discovering the whole of Slovenia in a user friendly and organized way. With the help of the local travel agencies we started offering to visitors of Ljubljana a wide selection of organized day trips in Slovenia as well as various organized activities, adventures etc. All of those can now be ordered online through the Visit Ljubljana website.

The increase of sales (from 687 trips and activities sold in 2009 to 1,746 of them sold in 2013) proved our strategy to be the right one for Ljubljana. Besides boosting the sales significantly we also managed to multiply the range of experiences available to the travellers visiting Ljubljana.

The Digital Tourism Think Tank Award winners receive not only a Best in Class badge for the website and a ‘Golden Ticket’ for presenting a best practice at DTIC2014, but are also featured as the best of the best in digital marketing on the thinkdigital.travel portal.

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