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Welcome to our web pages containing press materials with information about Ljubljana. The materials posted here are meant to help you prepare pieces of journalism on Ljubljana and its tourism offerings and the events going on in the city in particular. Should you need more detailed information, we will be glad to provide you with it.

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Press texts about Ljubljana

Looking for ideas for your next story about Ljubljana? You can use these articles on different themes, meant to help you get inspired and help you with your research.

  • Photo library

    Photo library

    The Ljubljana Tourism's photo library offers you high resolution photographs available for publication in Slovenia and abroad. The photos may only be published for the purpose of promoting the Tourist Destination of Ljubljana.

  • Presenting Ljubljana

    Presenting Ljubljana

    Slovenian capital Ljubljana is situated about halfway between Vienna and Venice. Its character and appearance have been shaped by diverse cultural influences and historical events.

  • Ljubljana Tourism's most notable awards

    Ljubljana Tourism's most notable awards

    Ljubljana Tourism received many accolades throughout its 15 years of existence. Ljubljana's popularity as a tourist destination has also been on a steady rise. Here's a short list of the most notable awards received by Ljubljana Tourism in the past few years.

  • Taste Ljubljana

    Taste Ljubljana

    Since the summer 2014, a selection of typical Ljubljana dishes marketed under the brand name Taste Ljubljana is on offer in more than 60 of the city's restaurants.

  • Top seven reasons to visit Ljubljana

    Top seven reasons to visit Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is a city built on a human scale. It has preserved its small-town friendliness and, at the same time, it has everything that all the larger capitals have.

  • Open Kitchen

    Open Kitchen

    The Open Kitchen, taking place each Friday from mid-March to October, is a food market where you can experience the delights of freshly cooked food prepared by different Slovenian chefs right there in front of you, on the market stalls.

  • Shopping list

    Shopping list

    Ljubljana’s city centre is not only picturesque but it also offers some good shopping possibilities.

  • Suggestions for restaurants

    Suggestions for restaurants

    Learn about the best that Ljubljana has to offer in terms of gastronomy.

  • Day trips from Ljubljana

    Day trips from Ljubljana

    Ljubljana lies at the centre of Slovenia, a scenic and diverse country where the distances are short and most of major attractions are easily accessible. It's no wonder that it's the perfect base for discovering Slovenia.

  • Ljubljana makes an excellent film set

    Ljubljana makes an excellent film set

    All who come to Ljubljana fall in love with the city. Thoughtfully designed architecture, the green river, wonderful squares and bridges, numerous verdant spaces, ponds and the close proximity of unspoilt nature – all of this looks like an excellent film set. 

  • Seasons in Ljubljana

    Seasons in Ljubljana

    It is not easy to decide when the best time to visit Ljubljana is in order to get a feel of the city's life and experience all that it has to offer.

  • Famous Ljubljanians

    Famous Ljubljanians

    Most of the famous Ljubljanians made a name for themselves with their innovative work. Particularly significant in the history of Ljubljana and Slovenia was the creativity of Slovenian artists.