Why Ljubljana

What is it that sets Ljubljana apart from other cities and capitals that makes it a great place to visit? There are many reasons for choosing Ljubljana as a place of business opportunity, the venue for your next congress, a place to do research, experience culture, or simply to explore during a city break.

You will not discover here attractions of world magnitude, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben or the Hofburg Palace, but there are other features that can be outlined as its advantages.

Due to its compact size, Ljubljana is a walking and environmentally friendly city. It has one of the best-preserved Baroque quarters in Central Europe that blends harmoniously with the younger Art Nouveau style. And it was blessed with the talent of Jože Plečnik, who, between the two World Wars, created the cosmopolitan image of Ljubljana with his eclectic architecture and future-oriented town planning. The young and dynamic spirit of the Slovenian capital often stuns first-time visitors. No wonder, since out of a population of 280,000 around 50,000 are university students.

Something you shouldn’t miss? This certainly is the discovery of the picturesque central market, a real feast to the eyes. It is one of the rare places where one can still buy fresh and genuine produce directly from the farmers. A truly “ljubljanesque” experience is to go there on a Saturday - the day when many local residents flock there, combining shopping and socializing. The fresh ingredients from the market are the basis of culinary delights served in the plentiful restaurants and inns. Something you would really not expect? The discovery of the exquisite wines produced in our country.

Stretch back & relax is also a motto of our city – having a refreshment in one of the trendy cafes along the riverbanks or in the Old Town is a good way to observe and feel the pulse of our everyday life. As a contrast to the more Germanic attitude in the business sphere, this is where a Mediterranean-style flair is most reflected.

Just to round up the picture, Ljubljana proudly displays a remarkable agenda of cultural events, including 14 international festivals and many other traditional happenings all year round. The good language skills of the local residents are also much appreciated by foreign visitors.

All these elements melt into a special atmosphere of the Slovenian capital. Even at first glance, Ljubljana seems somehow pleasant and familiar, but at the same time interesting and totally different. Its cosiness, dynamic image and human scale flair are often remembered later.