Ljubljana, a cool capital for great meetings

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is an ideal place for meetings. Being a small, easily navigable city with a green soul and modern conference facilities, it is currently ranked 50th in the ICCA international conference statistics.

Ljubljana as an ideal place for meetings is presented by Tatjana Radovič, head of the Ljubljana Convention Bureau at Ljubljana Tourism, who reveals, among other things, how Ljubljana became one of Europe's first congress cities.

Picturesque, readily accessible, and easy to get around

Ljubljana lies halfway between Vienna and Venice, at the crossroads of different cultures, geographical regions and historical developments. Its location within a convenient two-hour flight from almost all major European airports makes it a readily accessible destination for meetings.

Ljubljana can easily be described as green and picturesque. Its old city centre is full of outstanding architecture, a medley of styles from different periods in history bound together into one of the 20th century's most amazing total works of art by the world famous architect and urban planner Jože Plečnik.

The city has a relaxed atmosphere and its life seems to move along at a slow pace, always with the focus on the joys of the present moment.

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Quality venues for successful meetings

Ljubljana has been on the map of European conference destinations for over 20 years. It has the largest number of conference facilities in the country and sufficient capacity to cater for meetings of up to 2,200 delegates.

A good range of conference venues, modern facilities, conference professionals' well-honed organizational skills, and a host of attractive opportunities for accompanying activities make Ljubljana a perfect choice for meetings.

When talking about Ljubljana's advantages as a conference destination, delegates from abroad like to point out the residents' good knowledge of foreign languages, a feeling of safety, relaxed efficiency, and sincere hospitality.

An extra advantage is Ljubljana's relative smallness: the distances between the city's major conference venues and hotels can easily be covered on foot.

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Excellent opportunities for incentive programmes

Ljubljana and its wider area, which includes a good part of Slovenia, offer plenty of opportunities for unique experiences.

The region of Central Slovenia, wrapping Ljubljana in a big green hug, consists of 25 municipalities, whose diversity is definitely worth exploring. Ljubljana's surrounding areas are well known for their traditional hospitality, natural beauty, a rich heritage of ancient castles, churches and villages and – last but not least – excellent restaurants, both modern and traditional.