In Search of Freedom: 1968-2018

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Has searching for freedom changed in the last 50 years? The international exhibition In Search of Freedom: 1968-2018 offers an answer to this question and through the examination of the images of student protests across Europe, paints an image the world as it then was, juxtaposing it with the imagery selected in an Instagram contest and a contemporary collection of testimonials from student activists.

Those that lived through the shortages and dangers of WWII were astounded by the 1968 protests in which students across Europe fought for various political ideals. The former were unable to comprehend the younger generations’ desires and aspirations for a different word. Today, in a time of growing social inequality, it seems that the issues and questions already posed in 1968 are still relevant. The exhibition is a part of the project In Search of Freedom: 1968-2018 (V iskanju svobode: 1968-2018), centred around the historical and the contemporary understanding of 1968.