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Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is clear that the processes of democratization and integration of Europe, announced in the historical year of 1989, have failed to achieve their goals. Although many real and symbolic walls have been demolished, new ones have been raised instead, and some still deeply disturbed our society.

The question of whether the borders and walls between shared spaces have ever fallen and how their heritage today is setting the starting point behind the project Outside the Walls: 1989-2019. Political, ideological, national, ethnic (...) divisions have created walls and drawn borders in Europe, in the name of politicians who did not take into account either urban spaces nor social interactions between families, relatives, friends. Such boundaries have anchored themselves in the perception of the other and the place of the alien.

The international travelling exhibition Observing Walls: 1989-2019 will be featured in museums in Berlin and Sarajevo in 2019.