The culinary scene in Ljubljana has enjoyed a real boom over recent years and the city's renowned chefs, restaurants, and typical dishes are becoming increasingly recognized around the world.

Gastronomy in Ljubljana is characterized by great diversity, with dishes ranging from traditional Slovenian and international classics to specialities of more exotic cuisines. Menus are often based on seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby farms.

Ljubljana Quality, the best restaurants

Discover some of the restaurants that have been rated as the best by local experts and awarded a Ljubljana Quality Mark.

Some of the highest-rated restaurants that received a Ljubljana Quality Mark (LQ):

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  • Atelje Restaurant and Bar (Nazorjeva 2): Based on a treasury of masterpieces thought up by the top master chef Jorg Zupan and contributed to by his team, who have gained knowledge and skills in different parts of the world, Atelje boasts a fusion of flavors that brings the superb cuisine back to the people through its sophisticated preparation and an unpretentious approach.
  • Restavracija JB (Miklošičeva cesta 19): the world renowned Slovenian chef Janez Bratovž reigns here.
  • Strelec Restaurant (Grajska planota 1, Ljubljana Castle): under the roof of the Archers Tower at the Ljubljana Castle, culinary delights by Igor Jagodic.
  • Guesthouse Na Gradu (Grajska planota 1, Ljubljana Castle): all the dishes are made from fresh produce sourced from organic farms. The restaurant serves a choice of Slovenian wines. LQ
  • Monstera bistro (Gosposka ulica 9): Monstera bistro follows the "zero-waste cuisine" concept, which offers a new dimension of thinking about food and cooking. LQ
  • Valvas'or (Stari trg 7): modern décor and history - named after the famous Slovene polymath Janez Vajkard Valvasor, who was an elected member of the Royal Society.
  • Vander Restaurant (Krojaška ulica 6-8): located in the intimacy of the narrow street Krojaška ulica (Tailor's Row) offers fresh delicacies from all around Slovenia and an excellent selection of traditional Slovenian dishes LQ
  • Maxim (Trg republike 1): the restaurant, under the lead of Chef Andrej Kuhar, offers a wide choice of premium Slovenian and imported wines.

Taste Ljubljana – get to know traditional Ljubljana’s dishes

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The range of dishes prepared in Ljubljana has always been wide and varied. Slovenia and Ljubljana lie at the crossroads of different culinary cultures, which is the reason why Slovenian cuisine reflects influences from Mediterranean, Alpine, and Pannonian cuisines as well as those from the culinary art of the Balkans and several other parts of the world, which are of a more recent date.

  • Klobasarna (Ciril Metodov trg 15): a fast food restaurant offering the best known traditional Slovenian dish, the Carniolan sausage.
  • Vodnikov hram (Vodnikov trg 2): it is named after the Slovenian poet and intellectual Valentin Vodnik (1758–1819), whose monument stands at the Ljubljana Central Market, across the way from the restaurant.
  • Union Pub (Celovška cesta 22): Pivnica Union is a pub run by Ljubljana's Pivovarna Union brewery, where beer has been brewed since 1867
  • Restavracija Romansa 1971 (Trg republike 1): what is special about this restaurant is its open-plan kitchen, which allows guests to see the chef at work.
  • Restaurant and club Nebotičnik (Štefanova ulica 1): apart from affording one of the most beautiful views of Ljubljana, restaurant Nebotičnik, located on the top of the Nebotičnik (Skyscraper) building, offers a fine choice of à la carte dishes.
  • Švicarija: Slovenian food
  • Moji štruklji Slovenije (Adamič Lundrovo nabrežje 1): In dumpling house Moji štruklji Slovenije we daily prepare fresh cooked and backed dumplings from stretched, yeast, leafy-yeast, whole wheat or buckwheat dough with various fillings. When selecting the ingredients we pay attention to domestic production and locally grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Gostilna Jakob Franc (Trnovski pristan 4a)
  • Figovec, (Gosposvetska cesta 1):
  • Slovenska hiša (Cankarjevno nabrežje 13)

Socially responsible Restaurants

  • Gostilna dela (Poljanska 7): training of young people between the ages 17 and 25, without completed secondary education and young people with disabilities.
  • Skuhna (Trubarjeva 56): developed in collaboration with immigrants living in Slovenia.
  • Druga violina (Stari trg 21): employs people with special needs.

International cuisine

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  • Fany & Mary (Petkovškovo nabrežje 19): enjoy some delicious burgers by the riverside.
  • Repete Jazz & Refreshments (Gornji trg 23): breakfast and brunch restaurant.
  • TaBar (Ribji trg 6): tapas and wine.
  • Tokyo Piknik (Cankarjevo nabrežje 25): original Asian cuisine.
  • Soba 102 (Cankarjeva 4): Mediterranean cuisine accompanied with in-house band which plays daily.
  • Libanonske meze & drugi užitki (Trubarjeva 45): serves Middle Eastern food presented on brightly coloured plates.
  • Falafel (Trubarjeva 40): This takeaway restaurant offering traditional Arab food is particularly popular for the quality of its dishes and its dedication to preparing healthy food.
  • Romeo: (Stari trg 6): Mexican dishes, fast food, vegetarian dishes, desserts, varietal Slovenian wines.
  • Joe Penas (Cankarjeva ulica 6 ): mexican, tapas bars and tex-mex.
  • Cantina Mexicana (Knafljev prehod 2): mexican, tapas bars and tex-mex.
  • Shambala (Križevniška 12): More than an Asian restaurant.
  • El Patron (Gornji trg 10): Tacos and store.
  • Bistro Suwon (101 Dunajska cesta): Korean food.

Bistro / pizza / burger places

(Artisan) Cafés:

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Wine bars:

Cool bar with craft beer:

Vegeterian and vegan: