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Well, aren't you in luck? You entered the point of our website, where you can read fresh news, events, and interesting facts happening in the capital of Slovenia.

Ljubljana is a city tailored to people, cosmopolitan for work, yet green and pleasant for relaxation. It's a city similar to many charming European capitals, yet like none other.

It is woven with picturesque and pleasant corners where you can experience numerous small surprises – whether you have lived here your whole life or are stepping into the city for the first time. 

Through the eyes of residents and visitors alike, you can discover it anew every month and become part of the community that appreciates this wonderful city.


  • Trznice, foto Eugene Kuznetsov - Unsplash

    There is something magical about spring. It feels like the first heavy rains of April finally wash away the grey remains of winter and the city seems to turn a thousand shades of green overnight. Ljubljana’s markets follow the spring fashion trend year after year. These days, the market stalls are piled high with colourful fruit, vegetables, and other delicacies available all year round, but there is no doubt that the season’s trendiest colour is green.

  • sedeznica velika planina

    Velika Planina has entered a new era of accessibility with the introduction of the new six-seater chairlift Šimnovec.

  • People sitting in the sun in a cafe on a city square. Drinking coffee. Old yellow buildings in the background.

    That's a pretty usual question for locals and foreign visitors of Ljubljana. Before we attempt to answer the question we have to ask ourselves what it is that we expect from this coffee.

  • Yauya

    Boutique Studio of Sweet Creations

Exhilarating Guided Tours in Ljubljana

  • polomljen deznik

    Discover a side of the city that many might think is long gone, yet is very much alive. Experience the capital’s unique, authentic and sustainable stories through craft workshops! The crafts are kept alive by artisans who share a love of tradition and manual work that defies mass consumerism. 

  • A woman with two children on a hill. City view.

    Ljubo the Dragon needs your help. Join him on a fun family adventure and help him save his dragon honour.

  • market jorg zupan3

    A good breakfast sets you up for a day of exploration and fun in the city. Enjoy the always-lively rhythms of Ljubljana market. Try some fresh seasonal goodies, and start the day with a proper Ljubljana breakfast.