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The year 2003 brought Ljubljana to the attention of the wider European public. Articles that had previously mostly appeared in travel and tourism media also made their way into major European daily newspapers. Since then, enthusiasm for Ljubljana has been growing, with a large number of positive articles in foreign media, so much so that only a selection of the most prominent ones will be presented below.

All publications are in foreign languages.

lokali ljudje 2019 Darko Pavlovic Luna TBWA 3

Zelena podoba in ravnanje Ljubljane vse bolj v ospredju in opažena

The Telegraph: Ljubljana is like Edinburgh without the ego

The Slovenian capital has Michelin plaques, fairytale streets and foundations as old as civilisation itself...

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vlak ponudba

Independent UK: Green journey to a green city – all aboard the sleeper train to Ljubljana, Slovenia’s charming capital

As travellers switch to slower travel and choose different ways to reduce their carbon footprint, new night train routes are opening across Europe. Yvette Cook hops on the Stuttgart to Slovenia offering...

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A woman sitting on a staircase. A glorious ceiling above her.

Virginia Duran: Top 23 Spots You Shouldn’t Miss in Ljubljana If You Love Architecture

Earlier this year, my friend and photographer Philipp Heer and I, explored Ljubljana for the first time. We were positively surprised by the vast number of green areas, elaborate bridges and lively atmosphere. We arrived on a Friday. Our trip, however, didn’t begin with a building visit as usual, it began with dinner. So, we set up in motion by savouring the capital’s essence: Slovenian dumplings...

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Zelena Ljubljana Mostphotos

Sublime Magazine: Ljubljana, the greenest of Capitals

Slovenia’s capital city has sustainability ingrained into its DNA. A local attitude to food production, re-use, and regeneration. With the largest car-free zone in EU, one of the highest measures of urban green spaces per capita in the world, some ingenious use for invasive plants, and an effortless determination to retain its Modernist history as a human-centered World Heritage Site...

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Zimska Ljubljana foto Shutterstock

National Geographic: 6 unmissable experiences at Ljubljana's LUV Fest

Art installations, love-themed exhibitions and romantic tours of the old town are just some of the experiences that await in the Slovenian capital's celebration of love...

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CFB 9536 Kopie

CookingCatrin: Gourmet Hotspots for Ljubljana trip

Today we're taking you on a trip to Ljubljana - to the Slovenian capital, which is only an hour and a half away from Klagenfurt. Laibach has thrilled us so many times and again and again {and not just} in terms of cuisine. A weekend full of enjoyment with culinary highlights and must-see hotspots in this vibrant, young capital, which is worth a visit at any time of the year...

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