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Welcome to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenians, where people gather, study, do business, or live. One could say it's like a chameleon - always the right colour for every mood. A city tailored to human needs, cosmopolitan for work, yet green and pleasant for relaxation.

With 50,000 students, it has a youthful vibe, and its rich offer of cultural and sports events, along with a multitude of experiences, ensures that you simply cannot be bored in the city.

Indulge in the charm of the Slovenian capital, which is:

  • an interesting blend of various cultural influences
  • one of the hottest European culinary destinations
  • one of the leading global destinations for a sustainable lifestyle
  • a city with a green soul
  • an excellent location for congresses and conferences
  • a focal point for unforgettable events and venues
  • a home to numerous museums, galleries, and cultural institutions
  • a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering scenic parks, riverside promenades, and numerous recreational activities
  • a treasure trove of history and architecture, with enchanting medieval streets, majestic castles, and modern architectural marvels waiting to be explored


  • LedDSCF8298

    The sliding of a droplet down the side of a frosted glass, an ice cube gently knocking on the side, and the liquid enveloping it, inviting us to pour out onto the cold marble the delicate outlines of our most ardent wishes and elusive dreams, prompting a reflection on transience, on the inexorability of time, our own insignificance in the face of timelessness.

  • polomljen deznik

    Discover a side of the city that many might think is long gone, yet is very much alive. Experience the capital’s unique, authentic and sustainable stories through craft workshops! The crafts are kept alive by artisans who share a love of tradition and manual work that defies mass consumerism. 


Locals recommend

"When we say, 'Let's go for coffee!' it doesn't mean we're going to have a black, bitter, caffeinated drink originating from Ethiopia, which has successfully (even more so than the British) colonized the whole world. No. What we mean is, 'Let's go somewhere and sit for hours while ordering some (non-alcoholic) drink.''

Katarina is an anthropologist who loves exploring other cultures and lifestyles. Although Ljubljana is not her favorite city in the world, she has grown fond of its many excellent cafes and compiled them in an article.

Where to grab a coffee in Ljubljana?