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  • 100 SLOVENIAN 1

    Get to know Slovenia through the eyes of comedian and musician whom will take your through our history and traditional stereotypes.

  • DSC5664

    Participants will learn versatile skills such as a sense of balance, focus, flow, and how to stay calm in stressful situations. As better balance requires a specific mindset this is also an excellent training for higher brain efficiency, better creativity and stress management.


    Slovenian fair is carried out at Orehov gaj in Ljubljana, which becomes minimundus and takes the participants through Slovene features and characteristics with a comedy show.

  • Iskanje zaklada 2

    Discover the hidden treasure of Škofja Loka, the best preserved medieval town in Slovenia.


    The secret of the scarlet room is a 90-minute game of survival for groups of 35 to 70 people.

  • 01 culinary performance 5

    You will enjoy Slovenian dishes through the process of creation and art. Would you like to get to know Slovenia better through traditional dishes and beverages?


    A wide array of activities is set up within a specially adapted polygon in Summer time. The trail is traced through the forest and is built like an adventurous path.

  • Cajanka spela arh 2

    Count Blagaj and his wife Antonija invite you into their home for a cup of herbal tea. Their home conceals secrets and who knows what they are planning for you?

  • Go Team 1

    This high-tech treasure hunt transforms any location into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure through GPS-triggered challenges.

  • The heroes journey 2

    Team members will be divided into groups of archaeologists whose essential activity for reaching the goal will be a combination of orientation on the land and water.

  • Treasure Hunt Ljubljana 2

    Treasure hunt Ljubljana is an interactive way of getting to know this beautiful city, your team members and yourself.

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