Shooting range

The shooting range offers all facilities necessary for shooting competitions at the highest level as well as opportunities for recreational and sport shooting activities.
Besides the shooting equipment for purchase or hire, Šport Ljubljana offers recreational shooting and shooting under the supervision of an instructor. Youngsters will be particularly interested in the brand-new interactive laser shooting range, where they use laser weapons to shoot at targets on a variety of backgrounds. The shooting range is also able to host major international shooting competitions.


Outdoor shooting range:
- 5 pistol firing lanes (mobile)
- 11 pistol firing lanes (static)
- 3 full-bore rifle firing lanes (50–100 m)
- 10 small-bore rifle firing lanes (50 m)
Indoor shooting range 1:
- 20 electronic firing lanes for airguns
Indoor shooting range 2:
- 10 electronic firing lanes for airguns (winter) or small-bore weapons (summer)
- 10 electronic firing lanes for airguns
Interactive shooting range:
- 2 firing lanes for laser weapons

Other facilities: Reception, offices, toilet facilities, bar, classrooms, gun shop 

Disabled access: YES