Conventa - trade show for meetings, events and incentives for new Europe

Since first Conventa in 2009, Ljubljana Tourism has been one of the mayor partners and Ljubljana, the hosting destination, supporting such an important business-to-business event in the area of meetings industry.

At first, the event’s market was presenting the exhibitors from South-East Europe area. The event has gradually expanded to the area of New Europe, attracting even more hosted buyers.

Below we are presenting the 2015 story, however you can follow the current Conventa happenings on the official website.

The Conventa 2015 story

The 7th edition of Conventa trade show for meetings, events and incentives, for the first time featuring also the emerging destinations of New Europe, was a complete success. The expectations of the organizers were met in a big way this year. The hosted buyers and meeting providers also had a great time in Ljubljana.

The statistics

The highest number of international meetings planners and meeting providers in its history attended the show.

By expanding the show to the meetings offer of New Europe, Conventas' organizers managed to attract meeting providers from 15 countries. The exhibition floor at GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre was occupied by 135 different providers, most of them coming from Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Serbia. For the first time those from countries like Greece, Azerbaijan and Russia were also joining the list of participants at Conventa.

The number of hosted buyers also surpassed the last years' result. Conventa was attended by 166 international and around 100 regional and Slovenian meeting planners, of which 90 percent were newcomers. The number of pre-scheduled meetings scored the highest number so far and reached an impressive 3,428 appointments.

Conventa was also a lot of fun for its participants. Here are some of the moments that we fondly remember.

The Conventa pre-tour and fam trips

Ljubljana Convention Bureau organized the already traditional Ljubljana Pre-Conventa day, presenting the meetings possibilities in Ljubljana in an inspiring and fun way. From learning about Slovenian tapas and the importance of sharing at TaBar to the creative experiences in the city hotels, the pre-tour was meant to be special mix of destination knowledge spiced up by a tinge of dolce vita. Conventa ended with fam trips taking hosted buyers to Ljubljana, Bled, Portorož, Kranjska Gora, Zagreb and the island of Lošinj in Croatia.

Ljubljana and Slovenia got a lot of love from the Conventa attendees

Suzanne Yantin, Procurement Specialist for Hotels & Venues Sector at Kenes Group, Israel, said: "The fam trip was great and gave us such an amazing overall view of the city and all the meeting spaces and event venues. The information and guiding you gave us over the fam trip was brilliant. We have come away with so much more knowledge of the city. I must say how friendly everyone was throughout the city – in the hotels and venues, but also in the shops and restaurants. We have a great impression of Ljubljana and we hope to bring lots more business your way in the future."

Katarzyna Białas, Event Manager at Select Events, Poland, said: "The famtrip organizers were more than just professional and friendly, making business relations in a very natural way. I really hope I will come back very soon to Slovenia with my clients and groups."

Paloma Rico, Business Development Manager at Grass Roots Spain said: "Definitely I fell in love with the destination and I hope to see you soon with a site inspection with a group and more after that! Like the meaning of name of the city...IN LOVE... everyone including me fell in love. For sure, SLOVENIA is going to be one of the best new destinations in Europe. Its brand is more and more acknowledged each day."