By joining the workshop participants learn how to prepare authentic and traditional dishes on a culinary journey across Slovenia.

Geocaching is a fun “high-tech” adventure based on the use of hand-held GPS devices. Participants need to find specific locations, which can be found high up in the trees, on a window shelf, in a crack in the ground or even underwater.

Paddling is one of the beautiful links between man and water. On board a kayak you will be able to admire the beauty of the Ljubljana Moors’ natural environment from a different angle.

This high-tech treasure hunt transforms any location into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure through GPS-triggered challenges.

The underground adventure is a way of exploring the Postojna Cave’s magic underworld scenery off the beaten tracks by adding a touch of adrenaline to it.

Go Green provides a vast array of comprehensive travel-related solutions which include: all-in-one creative offers for meetings, incentives and events, premium chauffeur services and destination management.

The Castle offers a variety of team activities as well as a perfect venue for medieval knight games and medieval feasts.

The museum pottery atelier offers a wide range of demonstrations and traditional pottery workshops.

Theme parties bringing back to life the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s (i.e. the Great Geatsby, Prohibition, Grease), or dance performances to suit any occasion, can be arranged.

With its fleet of shuttles, buses and VIP vehicles the company can provide a swift logistic support to conference and event organizers, transferring delagates from and to the near airports, cities or destinations.