Sushimama is a restaurant well-known for its interesting interior and genuine Japanese cooks. Its truly extensive menu of Japanese dishes includes specialities such as authentic miso soup and wagyu (Kobe-style) beef steak cooked over a hot stone grill. The restaurant has an open kitchen counter, whi

Sarajevo '84 is a typical Bosnian 'ćevabdžinica', a café serving 'ćevapčići' (sausage-shaped mini burgers) with 'kajmak' (Balkan-style clotted cream) and 'lepinja' (flatbread) as well as a choice of Bosnian ‘burek’ pastries and other delights typically served in Sarajevo. Decorated in the authentic

Pen Klub is a restaurant located within the premises of the Slovene PEN Centre. When in 1967 it opened its doors as the PEN Centre's in-house restaurant, its clientele mainly consisted of writers, but later it also began to grow in popularity among other gourmet food lovers. Today, Pen Klub offers g

Gostilna As, located in the green Knafljev prehod pedestrian passage, prepares Mediterranean dishes using only fresh ingredients. Its speciality is handmade pasta. The restaurant also serves a wide choice of premium Slovenian and imported wines.Menu choice: Mediterranean dishes, fusion food, seafood

Café Romeo, housed in a historical building in the old city centre of Ljubljana, has for ages been facing a restaurant called Julija ('Juliet' in English), located across the street. Opposites attract, they say, and in this case this couldn't be more true. While Julija is all about light colours and

In the pleasant ambience of the Bazilika Café&Shop, you can enjoy not only a nice cup of coffee or tea, but also a choice of vegetarian and vegan mid-morning and lunchtime dishes such as soups, pies, and sandwiches, prepared freshly every day by the Bazilika Café&Shop's subsidiary, the Bazil

Menu choice: Slovenian dishes, game dishes, seafood, vegetarian dishes, grilled dishes, lunchtime menus, desserts.Additional amenities: outdoor seating, high chairs, takeaway service.

Figovec is one of the oldest inns in the city centre of Ljubljana with a very long and rich history. Figovec started as an inn for cart drivers, where cart drivers made a stop on their journey and had the chance to rest, feed their horses and eat some delicious food.The rich inn tradition can be fel

Menu choice: Slovenian dishes, freshwater fish, seafood, grilled dishes, vegetarian dishes, seasonal dishes, breakfasts,mid-morning meals, lunchtime menus, homemade bread, homemade baked goods, varietal Slovenian wines.Additional amenities: outdoor seating, high chairs, wireless internet, takeaway s

Shambala is a restaurant offering a diverse choice of Asian food. Its menu includes typical dishes from South-Eastern Asian countries and Japan. The restaurant is situated in the delightful glass atrium of an old townhouse. In the warm part of the year, food is also served in the restaurant's summer