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Theatre-dance performance

Vizualija Kundera LJ festival s samimi samotami

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  • 5 Jul 2024 ob 20:00

    Theatre Glej

Maša Kagao Knez, concept, director and choreographer
Co-production: Anton Podbevšek Theatre, Theatre Glej
Co-creators and cast:
Borut Veselko, Anja Möderndorfer, Tanita Rose, Miha Furlan, Jan Marolt, Leticia Slapnik Yebuah

Milan Kundera once wrote that he had actually been writing the same novel his entire life: variations on a few fundamental existential themes, key situations or even words. Maša Kagao Knez – the concept designer, director and choreographer of A Solitude Surrounded by Other Solitudes  – could probably say something similar: that she is always working on the same production, through which she is led by variations on the theme of human (co-)existence, only that her focus and response change and adapt to how she is currently feeling. This performance, a Glej Theatre and Anton Podbevšek Theatre co-production, is not intended as a staging of Kundera’s works, but as a homage to his literary oeuvre, from which it draws inspiration. The themes that appear in his works are questions of human existence and, within this, questions of duality: lightness/weight, slowness/speed, immortality/ephemerality, forgetting/memory. The texts chosen by Borut Veselko and Maša Kagao Knez are like the parts of a score in which the performers (Borut Veselko, Anja Möderndorfer, Tanita Rose, Miha Furlan, Jan Marolt, Leticia Slapnik Yebuah), functioning as a kind of orchestra, as the central tissue of a performance consisting of dance, narration and singing, delineate motifs and develop variations on a theme.


More information is available on the organizer's website.

Tickets: 24 €