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DOBRE NOVICE! at Krakovski nasip

Art event with a creative dialogue

  • 19 Mar - 16 Apr 2024

    Krakovo Embankment

DOBRE NOVICE! (DOH-breh noh-VIT-seh) is a six-month-long art event with a creative dialogue between the celebrated Belgian sculptor William Sweetlove, who has been exhibiting around the world for more than 50 years, and 25 renowned contemporary artists from six countries.

From eye-catching installations of monumental William Sweetlove sculptures at the largest botanical park in Slovenia – the internationally-acclaimed Arboretum Volčji Potok, to multiple exhibitions throughout the medieval core of Kamnik, DOBRE NOVICE! art event includes:

  • a major exhibition in Miha Maleš Gallery that will reveal the creative story of William Sweetlove and the other artists,
  • a wonderful cocktail of contemporary art at the Intermunicipal Museum of Kamnik (MM:K) at castle Zaprice alongside its permanent collection of local and national Slovene treasures,
  • monumental sculptures exhibited in the botanical park of Arboretum Volčji Potok and a more intimate art exhibit in a gallery inside its historic farmhouse, and
  • exhibitions in the local art galleries and some surprising locations in the medieval core of Kamnik.


William Sweetlove (BEL), Victor Kastelic (ZDA/ITA), Daniele Galliano (ITA), Pierluigi Pusole (ITA), Sergio Cascavilla (ITA), Bart Ramakers (BEL), Garrett Speirs (ZDA), Elke Warth (GER), Francesco Di Lernia (ITA), Mark Brest van Kempen (ZDA), Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen (ZDA), Nina Koželj (SVN), Raja Khairallah (LBN/ITA), Bartolomeo Migliore (ITA), Tazio Kastelic (ZDA/ITA), Zjos Meyvis (BEL), Federico Caputo (ITA), Enrico T. De Paris (ITA), Ginny Speirs (ZDA), Philippe Badert (BEL), Paolo Cassarà (ITA), Ira Marušič (SVN), Tina Konec (SVN), Bodil Fox (ZDA), Larnie Fox (ZDA).


Free enterance