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Interspace by Robert Černelč

An Exhibition

Robert Cernelc Izlitje 2023 vodoravna

Mag. Petra Stušek, direktorica Turizma Ljubljana, je s sodelavci predstavila dosežke v letu 2023 in največje projekte v prihodnjem letu © Robert Černelč

  • 29 Feb - 5 May 2024

    City Art Gallery - MGML, Mestni trg 5

Academic painter and director Robert Černelč successfully, particularly analytically, combines the mediums of painting, video art, and film creation in his artistic endeavors.

He also extends his activities to the fields of video art, scenography, and screenwriting. Robert Černelč is a versatile visual artist, with a fondness for moving images that express the issues of contemporary reception. His recent works stem from the deconstruction of film. He explores the idea of reconstructing a specific cinematic moment in suspense of expectation, coming from outside, from a space not depicted in the image but implicitly present.


Free enterance


For more information, visit the organiser's website.

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