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Ensemble 4Saxess

  • 9 Aug 2024 ob 20:00

    Križanke Church (Church of Our Lady of Mercy), Trg francoske revolucije 2

Monika Bohinec, mezzo-soprano
Gabriel Lipuš, baritone
Benjamin Ziervogel, violin

Through concert performances in Europe and the USA, appearances at major music festivals and a successful collaboration with RTV Slovenia’s record label ZKP, the 4Saxess saxophone quartet, consisting of Andrej Omejc, Oskar Laznik, Tadej Šepec and Dejan Prešiček, has developed into one of the leading ensembles of its type, both nationally and internationally. The idea behind the Ljubljana–Vienna  project is to highlight the connection between these two cities, both through the programme and through the choice of guests. The ensemble will be joined on stage by the Slovene mezzo-soprano Monika Bohinec, a member of the ensemble of the Vienna State Opera, the Austrian violinist Benjamin Ziervogel, a leader of the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra since 2004, and the Carinthian Slovene baritone Gabriel Lipuš, a regular collaborator with artists such as Bernarda Fink and Vinko Möderndorfer. All the pieces in the programme have been arranged for the ensemble by Andrej Omejc. They include Variations on a Theme by Haydn by Johannes Brahms, who spent much of his professional life in Vienna, songs in Slovene and German by Josip Ipavec, the “Slovene Schubert”, Slovenian Folk Dances by Alojz Srebotnjak, Styrian Dances by Joseph Lanner, and Benjamin Ipavec’s Serenade, a work well known to Slovene audiences. The focus of the evening will thus be on presenting the complementary Slovene and Austrian cultural traditions, a connection that still endures today.

Johannes Brahms, arr. Andrej Omejc: Variations on a Theme by Haydn in B-flat major, Op. 56a
Josip Ipavec, arr. Andrej Omejc: Song in Folk Tone (Emil von Schönaich-Carolath)
Josip Ipavec, arr. Andrej Omejc: Our Star (Simon Gregorčič)
Alojz Srebotnjak, arr. Andrej Omejc: Slovenian Folk Dances
Josip Ipavec, arr. Andrej Omejc: Zingara (Anonymous)
Josip Ipavec, arr. Andrej Omejc: Ich will meine Seele tauchen (Heinrich Heine)
Josip Ipavec, arr. Andrej Omejc: Frühlingsrast (Hans Willy Märtens)
Joseph Lanner, arr. Andrej Omejc: Styrian Dances, Op. 165
Benjamin Ipavec, arr. Andrej Omejc: Serenade for String Orchestra


More information is available on the organizer's webpage.

Tickets: 24 €