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Opening of the 72nd Ljubljana Festival


POLETNA NOC 2024 resized

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  • 20 Jun 2024 ob 20:45

    Kongresni trg square

Tribute to unforgettable songs by Ditka Haberl, Alenka Pinterič and Neca Falk

RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra & Big Band
RTV Slovenia Youth Choir
Patrik Greblo
, musical director and conductor

The traditional gala concert presenting the rich heritage of Slovene popular music performed by a big revue orchestra is this year dedicated to the songs made famous by Ditka Haberl, Alenka Pinterič and Neca Falk, three wonderful singers from a generation that made history at the Slovene Song Festival (Slovenska popevka)  and who also share a birthplace – Maribor.

Accompanied by the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, Big Band and Youth Choir under the musical direction of conductor Patrik Greblo, numerous guest singers will perform new versions of some of the biggest hits to which Ditka, Alenka and Neca lent their voices: Nad mestom se dani, Samo nasmeh je bolj grenak, Mlade oči, Vila z rimskega zidu, Kot nekdo, ki imel me je rad, Dan ljubezni, Sto majhnih nežnosti, Povabi srečo, Štajerska lady, Mini maxi, Krašovc, S kitaro in dolgimi lasmi, Prva ljubezen, Kako sva si različna, Dobro jutro, dober dan, Banane, Vsi ljudje hitijo, Dravski most, and many more.

Another wonderful musical start to the summer awaits us, although we won’t know until the last minute who will have the honour of singing the song that traditionally closes the event – Poletna noč (Summer Night),  the legendary song by Elza Budau and Mojmir Sepe that was debuted exactly 60 years ago this year!


More information is available on the organizer's website.

Tickets: 29 €, 39 €, 49 €, 59 €, 69 €