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Orto Fest 2023

  • 28 Mar - 27 Apr 2024

    Orto bar, Grablovičeva ulica 1

Orto bar in Ljubljana will host its 23nd Orto Fest which will take place from 30 March to 29 April.


Additional information about the performers, ticket prices and pre-sales for individual concerts can be found on the official website.

Through the years, Orto Fest hosted almost 900 music groups and performers.

For 23 years, Orto Fest has entertained all generations of lovers of quality music, even those who often have no place in the media. Orto Fest has featured many of the most important domestic performers, as well as many young and not yet established, which is extremely important for the development of the music scene in Slovenia. So far, the visitors had the privilege of seing many foreign names on it, such as Dirty Three, Clawfinger, Nashwille Pusy, At the drive in, Joe Cape, Agnostic Front, Cult of Luna, Antinowhere League, Theraphy, Toasters, Dead Moon, Fishbone, Hate Breed , Strung Out, Kill your Idols, Mothers, Cold Beer, Urban & 4, Rambo Amadeus, Dubioza Kolektiv, Psihomodo Pop, Massimo Savić, Jinx, Bambi Molesters & Chris Eckman and many others. If we add up the number of visitors - in 20 years, Orto Fest has been visited by more than 90,000 people, which is an extremely good number for the club situation in the Slovenian format.

Orto Fest is also specific in that it takes place almost continuously for a month. It is a completely independent festival that has existed for 23 years without all the subsidies and other financial assistance. This year's performers also testify that the festival as such is of great importance for both the Ljubljana and the Slovenian club / music scene.