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  • 24 Jul 2024 ob 21:00

    Križanke Summer Theatre

ADDA SIMFÒNICA ALICANTE (ADDA Alicante Symphony Orchestra)
JOSEP VICENT, conductor
FABIO FURIA, bandoneon

Astor Piazzolla’s tango, known as nuevo tango, was at first met with resistance due to its chromaticism, jazz elements and extended instrumentation. Like tango itself, Piazzolla first won recognition and respect outside Argentina, but by the 1980s he was becoming more widely accepted in his homeland, where he was seen as the saviour of tango, and today his work is performed by classical musicians. The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires  is a mature work, composed in 1970. The suite will be performed by the ADDA Simfònica Alicante (ADDA Alicante Symphony Orchestra), which has established itself as a key part of the music scene in Valencia. The orchestra will be conducted by Josep Vicent, famed as a pioneer in the exploration of new formats of interpretation. He has collaborated with ADDA Simfònica Alicante on many successful stage productions and world premieres of works in a wide range of styles. Among others, he collaborates with the renowned Spanish theatre company La Fura dels Baus, with whom he presented the show Pastoral for the Planet  at last year’s festival. The soloist will be Fabio Furia, one of the leading bandoneonists, who has opened a bandoneon academy in Italy and regularly gives concerts and masterclasses, and will also be featured in this year’s Ljubljana Festival Masterclasses. A dance piece by the contemporary Mexican composer Arturo Márquez will be performed as an introduction to The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires,  while the Andalusian-inspired suite The Three-Cornered Hat  by Manuel de Falla and Boléro  by Maurice Ravel will follow after the intermission.

Arturo Márquez: Danzón No. 2
Astor Piazzolla
: The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires
Manuel de Falla: The Three-Cornered Hat, suite
Maurice Ravel: Boléro


More information is available on the organizer's website.

Tickets: 29 €, 39 €, 49 €