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  • 23 Jul 2024 ob 21:00

    Križanke Summer Theatre

ADDA SIMFÒNICA ALICANTE (ADDA Alicante Symphony Orchestra)
JOSEP VICENT, conductor
PAQUITO D'RIVERA, clarinet, saxophone
ANTONIO LIZANA, vocal and saxophone
DAVID PASTOR, lead trumpet
Emilio Solla Trio
Emilio Solla, piano
Ferenc Nemeth, drums
Jorge Roeder, double bass

Chick Corea was an American jazz pianist and composer who played a key role in the birth of jazz fusion in the late 1960s as a member of Miles Davis’ ensemble. He later turned to free improvisation, forming the legendary group Return to Forever and collaborating with many other jazz greats, such as Gary Burton and Herbie Hancock. He won 27 Grammys over his career. His works will be performed by the ADDA Simfònica Alicante (ADDA Alicante Symphony Orchestra), which, under the direction of its chief conductor Josep Vicente, has been delighting audiences around the world with its innovative approach and stylistic versatility. This year, the Alicante orchestra and the Spanish conductor have been nominated for both the Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards with their Chick Corea CD. Joining them on stage will be the Emilio Solla Trio, flamenco singer and saxophonist Antonio Lizana, trumpeter David Pastor, and veteran Cuban-American saxophonist and clarinettist Paquito D’Rivera. The latter was a member of the Cuban band Irakere, before heading a number of groups in the USA in the 1980s. In the course of his career he has worked with some of America’s most respected orchestras and recorded numerous albums fusing bebop, classical music, Latin jazz and Caribbean music, receiving the highest critical acclaim and topping the jazz albums charts. He is the only artist to have won Grammys in both the classical and Latin categories.

Chick Corea, arr. Emilio Solla:
Señor Mouse
Children’s songs
Love Castle
Crystal Silence
Pixeland Rag
Leprechaun’s Dream
My Spanish Heart
Armando’s Rhumba
El Bozo
Spanish Fantasy


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Tickets: 39 €, 49 €, 59 €