Gala Hala Summer Stage at Metelkova mesto

Open-air concerts and DJ evenings

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Each summer, the city life of Ljubljana is livened up by a program of concerts and other events held on the summer stage of the Gala hala club at the Metelkova mesto autonomous culture center, home to artists, alternative people, and various subcultures and a popular hang-out for young people at night.

From Monday to Saturday throughout July, the club's pleasant summer garden hosts a diverse programme of music of a variety of different genres played mostly by lesser-known Slovenian artists and DJs.

Almost all the events held on the Gala Hala Summer Stage are free. The club's summer garden is conceived as a place to drink offering a program of cultural events and giving you an opportunity to socialize with other visitors while enjoying music.

For festival programme, visit the Gala hala website.