Ivana Kobilca (1861-1926): »But of course, painting is something beautiful!«

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This exhibition, marking the 100th anniversary of the National Gallery of Slovenia, will be presenting the life and work of Ivana Kobilca, one of the most renowned Slovenian artists of all times.

On view will be around 130 works of art by Kobilca, covering different genres and all her creative periods. In addition to her most popular works, such as Woman Drinking Coffee, Summer, Children in Grass and Mira Pintar, many lesser-known paintings will also be presented.

Ivana Kobilca spent most of her adulthood abroad: after studying in Vienna and Munich, she lived in Paris, Sarajevo and in Berlin, from where she returned to Ljubljana only at the onset of the First World War. Together with her friends and acquaintances like Roza Pfäffinger, Maria Slavona and Käthe Kollwitz, she was one of the first female painters of the modern age that succeeded in a traditionally male field.