Mini Course of Slovenian Language

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The University of Ljubljana's Centre for Slovenian as a Second/Foreign Language runs a "survival" language course offering an opportunity to get to know the basics of the Slovenian language and some common and useful expressions which can make a stay of a foreigner in Slovenia more pleasant.


Tourists, travelers, businessmen and anyone who is unable to speak Slovenian but would like to. Spend an hour and a half with our teachers and get to know the basics in a fun and exciting way. All you need is a pen, curiosity and lots of good humour. No knowledge of Slovenian is required.


A survival course of Slovenian. You learn basic information about Slovenian language, how to pronounce Slovenian words and how to say some common and useful expressions which will make your stay in Slovenia more pleasant.


No registration is necessary for the course. Just come to Slovenian Tourist Information Centre on
Wednesday 5 minutes before 17:00.