November Gourmet Ljubljana

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    various venues

In November, Ljubljana will be the gastronomic capital of Slovenia, with a series of exciting events taking place throughout the entire month and hosting great chefs and winemakers. 

Taking place at an exclusive venue, the final event of the festival, scheduled for the last weekend in November, will give a new dimension to the Taste Ljubljana brand and will include a spectacular cooking show.

During the festival month, the Taste Ljubljana Culinary Tour, the Ljubljana Wine Experience, and the Beer Lover's Experience of Ljubljana organized by Ljubljana Tourism will be complementing the event programme.

You can soak in the atmosphere of this culinary-themed November in selected restaurants offering the November Gourmet menu with locally-sourced dishes, typical of the season around the Feast of St. Martin, and great wines from Slovene winemakers.

For further information on the festival programme, visit the Ljubljana Gourmet website.

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  • November Gourmet Petkovškovo nabrežje

    November Gourmet Petkovškovo nabrežje

    A local culinary market, complemented by the offer in the nearby restaurants will be taking place at Petkovškovo nabrežje embankment as part of the programme of November Gourmet Ljubljana Festival.

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    Petkovškovo nabrežje embankment

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  • Ljubljana Wine Route

    Ljubljana Wine Route

    The event entitled Ljubljana Wine Route (Ljubljanska vinska pot) marks St. Martin's Day, when, according to Slovenian tradition, grape must officially turns to wine. The event includes tastings of young wine and culinary delights served from stalls set up in front of the old city centre's bars and restaurants.

    Historic city centre

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  •  Slovenian Wine Festival

    Slovenian Wine Festival

    The Slovenian Wine Festival, traditionally held in November, will once again bring together Slovenia's foremost winegrowers and winemakers as well as a number of winemakers from abroad, who will be offering their wines for tasting. The festival will be accompanied by a programme of educational events, guided tasting sessions, lectures,...

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    Cankarjev dom (cultural and congress centre)

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  • Festival of Live Wines and Fermented Food

    Festival of Live Wines and Fermented Food

    The leading Slovenian natural and biodynamic winemakers will be showcasing their offer to the gourmet lovers.

    Kucha, Mašera - Spasićeva ulica 8

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  • November Gourmet Finale

    November Gourmet Finale

    The final event of the November Gourmet Ljubljana Festival will offer you a new experience of tastes of Ljubljana in a unique venue. 

    City of Design Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 123

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