Onegin’s Demon


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Event is part of the festival Ljubljana Festival

Written in 1833, Pushkin's Eugene Onegin is one of the most famous works of world literature. Tchaikovsky's opera of the same title, based on Pushkin's work, first saw the light in 1879.

With the musical Onegin's Demon, St Petersburg theatre company LDM Novaya Scena offers a slightly different version of the tale of a bored young man whose selfish and thoughtless choices bring misery to his life and the lives of those dear to him. The musical opens in a psychiatric hospital, where Onegin is living out his final years and reminiscing about his youth. When a demon appears before him, Onegin blames him for the troubles of his past, so the demon shows him how he guided him through life and made it easier for him, forcing Onegin to contemplate the consequences of his own decisions.

The musical combines the tradition of Russian theatre with the standards of Broadway and features a modern approach that incorporates a revolving stage, interesting projections and 3D videos.

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Tickets: € 39, 29