The Land of Ice: Fairytales from around the World in ice

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Fairytale beings made out of a combination of crystal ice and snow were created by renowned Slovenian and foreign artists, and are spread out in a 200 m2 large hall cooled to -4℃. Be marvelled by the wonderful ice sculptures in the Land of Ice at the BTC City shopping centre. 

The Land of Ice takes us into the world of fairytales, where we meet Masha and the Bear from a Russian fairytale. With dwarves we can observe the Centaur and the Griffon. The Golden Bird helps us remember Slovenian fairytales, while the Three-headed Dragon from Postojnska Cave lies in wait for us with his offspring.

Children, small and those young at heart, can go down the longest ice slide in Slovenia. In the ice bar you can get warm with hot chocolate, mulled wine, or tea. Stronger beverages are served in ice glasses.

Using chainsaws, hand saws, and chisels, sculptors have created un unforgettable adventure for the entire family to enjoy.

Open Monday to Friday 12:00-21:00, Weekends 10:00-21:00.

For more information, visit the Land of Ice website.