Green Day & Rancid – punk rock

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For several years now, American trio Green Day is in the company of the most popular, successful and influential groups of the modern rock. Last October the band released a new studio album Revolution Radio, which they promote on their extensive worldwide concert tour. In Ljubljana, special guests will support them, the legendary Rancid, which are considered as one of the most important and successful independent bands of punk scene.

Green Day have, since they emerged in 1986 on the independent California punk scene, grown into a real institution – they have recorded 12 studio albums, including the ground-breaking and most successful album Dookie (1994) and a conceptual album American Idiot (2004). They sold more than 85 million records, received numerous awards, among which as many as five Grammys.

Special guests will join them, a group that has been on the music scene for 26 years, Rancid. Critics and music lovers appreciate their unwavering commitment to early punk, both in musical creativity as for their critical socio-political awareness.

The joint presence of two such high profile and well-known groups is certainly a promise of an explosion of rock.