Festival of Urban Culture Slovenia

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  • Tobačna Ljubljana, Tobačna street
    Tobačna Ljubljana, Tobačna street

Over the course of two days the Festival of Urban Culture will offer its visitors a wide range of events at which over 30 local and international artists will perform. A diversified festival that combines electronic music, design, fashion and socially useful events.

From June 15 to 16 the festival will take place at Tobačna mesto Ljubljana.At the fstival will perform one of the most known English electronic band Morcheeba, the most popular slovenian DJ Umek, Lithuanian producer Ten Walls, Slovenian hip hop band Matter,  electrical Sladica, Mike Vale, Urban Pfeifer, Žiga K from radio Val 202 as well as many more musicians and artists.

A part of the all day events will also be creative workshops for children and adults, market with new and used items, ugreen urban corner and humanitarian culinary creations from waste food. 

You can find more information and a full program of events at the festival's website.