Permanent Cacti Collection

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In Volčji Potok Arboretum, you can see a unique exhibition of cacti in the glasshouse, which includes over 1000 plants from the collection of Dušan Hrovatin. The collection is bound to impress you, being renowned for the variety of its specimens and their age. The oldest cacti specimen in the greenhouse is more than fifty years old.

You will also be impressed by their flowers, which can be compared to any flowering beauty as regards their size and intensity of colours. Yet if you succumb to their beauty, wanting to touch it, the cacti may punish you painfully. Admire them only with your eyes.

In addition to the cacti, the greenhouse also hosts succulents, milky sap plants, tillandsias, crystatas, bulbs and lithops. The latter are famous for their camouflaging ability and are called the chameleons of the plant world, given their colour fully adapts to the colour of the surrounding area. We are convinced that the cacti exhibition will impress you with the variety of shapes, colours and sizes, accompanied by our lovely tree collection, a unique park landscape and delightful flowerbeds.

Check the ticket prices on the Arboretum Volčji Potok website.