Plecnik as inspiration

A collaboration with Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering

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The exhibition is part of an interdisciplinary project of students from the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts, and Design at the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering, a collaboration of the KIGT and KOTO (Chair of Information and Graphic Arts Technology and the Chair of Textile and Fashion Design) and the Plečnik House.

With the students’ project work, we will present Plečnik’s unknown works (sketches of ornaments, graphics templates, clay models…) in various media, which will include the full spectre of information and graphics technologies. From packaging, 2D and 3D captures and visualisation, virtual reality, to 3D printed prototypes. Fashion accessories inspired by Plečnik will also be included in the exhibition – 3D printed and laser-cut jewellery – brooches. The full working process and the prototypes of the products will be presented at the exhibition.