The World's Oldest Wooden Wheel

  • Ljubljanica River Exhibition, Vrhnika
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Exclusively and only for three months, the world's oldest wooden wheel with an axle will be available for public viewing as part of the Ljubljanica River exhibition at Vrhnika.

The invention of the wheel and the cart is definitely one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. In the spring of 2002, a team of archaeologists exploring the Ljubljana Marshes found the world's oldest wooden wheel with an axle discovered to date. The wheel, crafted 5,200 years ago, aroused great interest not only among experts from around the world, but also among the general public, both in Slovenia and abroad.

The permanent museum exhibition is dedicated to the rich heritage of the Ljubljanica River. It features more than 400 original historical objects, found by archaeologists in the Ljubljanica riverbed and during the exploration of the remains of prehistoric pile-dwelling settlements on the Ljubljana Marshes.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00.