Balloon Adventure

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A hot air balloon flight is an exceptional experience, even more so if you fly over an area as beautiful as that of Ljubljana and its scenic green surroundings.

Your balloon crew will take you from the trip departure point to the flight take-off point, where you will be able to observe or join in the preparations for the flight. Your flight will take you over Ljubljana and give you an opportunity to marvel at stunning views of the city, the Kamnik and Julian Alps, and the Ljubljana Moors. After landing, you will celebrate your flight in true ballooning tradition with a toast of sparkling wine and receive a certificate for your successful completion of the flight.

The programme includes transfer from the trip departure point to the flight take-off point and from the landing point back to the trip departure point, an approximately one-hour-long hot air balloon flight, a celebratory sparkling wine toast, a certificate, a refreshing drink, coffee or tea, a small snack, and travel insurance.


1 April - 31 October: Daily early in the morning.

Flights do not take place in case of too strong winds or precipitation. To be able to receive updated information about your flight, you are advised to enter your telephone number or your hotel's contact information in the booking form (see detailed instructions below, in the Trip Terms and Conditions section).


Four hours.

Departure point

Slovenian Tourist Information Centre (STIC), Krekov trg 10, Ljubljana. 

Number of participants

A minimum of one participant is needed for the flight to take place. The maximum number of participants is 12.  

Language options

Slovenian, English, Croatian, Serbian. 

Trip terms and conditions

Flights do not take place in case of inclement weather conditions (too strong winds or precipitation). If the weather is unsuitable, your flight will be cancelled or rescheduled at a later date. If you do not want your flight to be rescheduled, the money paid for the trip will be returned to you.

If unsuitable weather is forecast, you will be informed about the cancellation at least one day prior to the flight. In order for the flight organizer to be able to inform you about the cancellation in due time, please enter your mobile phone number or your hotel's contact information into the 'Note' field provided in step 2 of the booking form ('Delivery information').

Hot air balloon flights are not suitable for the following categories of people:

  • people with a health condition that may worsen due to taking a balloon flight; if you are uncertain, please consult your doctor;
  • women with a risky pregnancy and those more than six months into pregnancy;
  • children under six years old or shorter than 110 centimetres;
  • people under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

Tour/trip organizer

Balonarski center Barje


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