Cycling around Ljubljana

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Get a bike and go exploring the surroundings of Ljubljana, and enjoy the nature and beautiful views.

You can choose from different cycling tours with various difficulty levels. The Ljubljana Marshes and the Iška Gorge, Turjak castle and its vicinity, a small slope to Orle and Pance, and for those in a slightly better shape a bike ride to Kurešček too.

The price includes a tour guide, the rental of a bicycle and helmet, and a drink.

Opening hours

Every day at 8 am and 4 pm


4 hours

Number of participants

A minimum number of participants is 2.

Starting point

STIC Ljubljana, Krekov trg 10


Slovene and English


  • This tour is rated as medium difficulty, appropriate for occasional and experienced bikers.
  • In the event of heavy rain, the tour is canceled.

Tour/trip organizer

Zavod semTERtja


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