Ljubljana Castle Time Machine

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The “Time Machine” will lead visitors on a guided tour through six decisive periods that have marked the history of the Ljubljana Castle and the development of our city. At each of the “time stations”, visitors will be met by a figure who will present his or her period.

After an introductory welcome from a Roman soldier or a priestess at the place where an observation tower stood during the time of Roman Emona, events shift to in front of the castle entrance. There St George will tell his story, the brave knight who, in the early Middle Ages, defeated the terrifying dragon and saved the citizens of Ljubljana from that dreadful menace. Who, in the late Middle Ages, can take the greatest credit for the fact that a powerful fortress grew on the hill above the city? You can learn the answer to this question in the courtyard, where you will meet the emperor himself – Frederick III of the Habsburgs – or his wife Eleanor Helena of Portugal.

The time of the Illyrian Provinces can be best described by the Napoleonic soldier or the nurse-nun whom you will meet in front of the Pentagonal Tower. The 19th century was a dark period for the Ljubljana Castle, as you will discover when you visit the penitentiary, where a member of the Italian Carbonari and an “ordinary woman prisoner” will, amongst other things, reveal the menu that castle prisoners encountered during their internment. Finally, you will be greeted in the courtyard by the man who can take credit for the fact that the castle is today owned by the city – Mayor Ivan Hribar purchased the castle from the state authorities of the time in 1905.

The castle has changed through the centuries, as has its role, but there is no doubt that it has remained a symbol of the city. Discover the roles of the Castle Hill and the Ljubljana Castle throughout the castle’s rich history in a little over an hour in what is more than just a classic guided tour. The costumed representatives of each of the periods mentioned above will create a genuinely special atmosphere, which will be both instructive and entertaining. The castle “Time Machine” awaits you!



APRIL, MAY, OCTOBER: Saturday and sunday, at 11.00 and 13.00

JUNE, SEPTEMBER: every day at 13.00 and Saturday and Sunday at 11.00, 13.00

JULY, AUGUST: every day, at 11.00, 13.00 

Departure point

Ljubljana Castle's Info Centre. 


One hour. 

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Slovenian, English

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Ljubljanski grad