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"Space Ljubljana", as its author Zmago Modic called the new decoration at the time, glowed for the first time at the turn of the millennium. For about two decades, the artist took care of the original light scenery of Ljubljana, every year with a new message that has attracted many visitors from Slovenia and abroad to the city for years.

december Presernov trg 2015 Dunja Wedam 5

The universe in "Space Ljubljana" thus emphasized the transition to the 21st century and the cosmopolitan nature of the city itself. The artist introduced thematic decoration of the city, which was not known to other cities at that time. Every December we walked the Path of Life, stared at the Beginning of Time, witnessed the Birth of Forms, welcomed the Bringers of Light and rejoiced at the Feast of Existence, and played with Space Toys.

Take a walk with us through the decades of Space Ljubljana.

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