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Ljubljana is a wonderful city any day of the year, but in December it takes on an especially magical guise, radiant with festive lights woven into surprising forms that always enchant both residents and visitors. At this time the city squares, streets, bridges and embankments come alive in a truly special atmosphere you just can’t miss. Come join us from 25 November 2022 to 15 January 2023.

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Christmas decorations focus on the spirit of community

The title of this year's decoration is "The General Mind // spirit of community". As Urban Modic, the author of the decorating concept, explains Ljubljana will be shown as an organism that parallels with all thinking beings. The urban fabric is divided into features that present the organism in a mechanical sense and those that present a metaphysical or intellectual aspect. Separately, but in context, newly conceived and supplemented stories of the origin of life and the universe will also be presented...

Some elements and assemblages are new, and a large part of the sculptures, which are the work of the late author Zmago Modic, are original, but reconceptualized according to meaningful units dedicated to all suffering from multiple sclerosis:

  • The central element of the decoration of the // mechanical organism is the central nervous system, the brain of the city, which decorates the Prešeren Square. Neurons, as carriers of information, travel along the Ljubljanica, which acts as the main artery, via the Petkovškovo and Gallusovo nabrežje embankments and Breg. In this way, the bio-mechanical aspect of the organism, the urban tissue as a skeleton and other material components of the body are presented.
  • // metaphysical components are mirrored in the form of mathematics or geometry, as the basic language of interpretation of the universe and through art, as the starting point of abstract thought. In this way, living content, people and other urban creatures are added to the urban fabric, which can be described as the spirit (essence) of the intelligent urban organism, Ljubljana.

The project consists of approximately 850 sculptures and characters. The switch-on of Christmas lights and other varied events will be in full swing again and we are ready to rejoice together with you!

The Map with the Meaning Behind the Christmas Light Installations

Festively decorated Ljubljana.


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