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A printmaker for a day

Get creative with printing letters and inks, as were used in the bygone world of analog printing! Experiment and watch how cleverly they fit together to make faces, buildings, trees, words... You’ll be surprised at the wide creative range afforded by our 500-year-old printing heritage.

Do you know that it once took more than ten professions to produce a single book?  How many letters do you think were needed to print a single page in a book? And why were the large letters made of wood and not lead?

Studio tipoRenesansa by the Ljubljanica River will reveal a story that spans centuries of printing history. You can explore drawers with hundreds of tiny lead and bigger wooden letters, punctuation, quotations, blanks for spaces, and so on. You can walk around printing presses that could be museum exhibits. By doing the work, you’ll understand just how demanding the world of analog printing was. And heavy – as the machines literally weighed tons.

But above all, you’ll create something memorable. The artisan will help you sift through the wooden letters and translate your creative ideas into print. You’ll use a hand roller to ink the letters. Then you’ll pull the printing cylinder across the paper and see a unique product! You can then add more characters by adding shapes, colors, and shading. You’ll end up with a very special, one-of-a-kind souvenir of the experience.

Let the story of 500 years of printing history fire your creative imagination!

The price of the workshop includes

  • demonstration of the craft of manual printing,
  • full instructions and guidance,
  • making a print,
  • the work materials required,
  • A unique souvenir: a hand-printed poster and a paper tube for safe storage.


€ 120.00 per person


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9.30 AM and 4 PM

How long

3 hours

Meeting point

TipoRenesansa, Breg 22

Number of participants

The minimum number of participants is 2 and the maximum is 6.


Slovenian and English

Additional information

  • Loose and white clothing is not recommended
  • Protective equipment is provided by the workshop host