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Forest Escape »Save the Bird«

In the middle of a forest on the edge of Ljubljana, a very chatty sort of bird got caught in a cage. The bird wants to share its forest wisdom with you, but first it must be freed. Can you free the bird before the alarm clock goes off?

Forest Escape »Save the Bird« is a real-life escape game similar to room escape games, only the setting is not a room, but a forest on the edge of Ljubljana. Bring together a group of two to six people and overcome, as a team, all the obstacles in the game. Find all the traces and crack all the codes in no more than 60 minutes.


Daily at 14:05, 15:50 and 17:35.

Departure point

Parkink in front of the Ljubljana ZOO


90 minutes.

Number of participants

The game can be played by a minimum of two people. The maximum number of participants is six.

Language options

Slovenian, English and Croatian.


The trip may be cancelled due to inclement weather.