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Ljubljana Beekeeping Trail Guided tour

This guided tour gives you an opportunity to get an insight into the history of beekeeping in Slovenia, learn about the City Municipality of Ljubljana's project Beekeeping Trail, and explore the Fleischmann's Parsnip Trail, which takes you from Ljubljana Castle to the Ljubljana Botanic Garden.

Your tour will include a funicular ride to Ljubljana Castle, where you will be able to view the Save the Bees exhibition. From the castle hill, you will continue along the Fleischmann's Parsnip Trail all the way to the Ljubljana Botanic Garden. This trail is named after the endemic Fleischmann's Parsnip, which was first discovered on Ljubljana's castle hill, where unfortunately it can no longer be found. It can be viewed, however, at the Ljubljana Botanic Garden.

After taking a tour of the Botanic Garden, you will go for a stroll through the vegetable gardens of Krakovo and continue through the historical city centre to the Ljubljana's central market.


2 June, 7 July, 4 August, and 1 September at 16:00

Starting point

Slovenian Tourist Information Centre (STIC), Krekov trg 10.


Three hours.

The price includes

  • a one-way funicular ride to Ljubljana Castle
  • a tour of Ljubljana Castle's bee-themed exhibition
  • a 20-minute guided tour of the Ljubljana Botanic Garden
  • expert guidance