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Culinary trip to Eastern Slovenia

Explore the rolling hills of Radgonsko-Kapelske gorice, a scenic area renowned for its castles, vineyards, sparkling wines, and pumpkin seed oil.

This part of Slovenia is also well-known for its springs of clean mineral water. Each spring produces a different mineral water, and each mineral water has a story of its own. Your trip to this interesting region will also include a visit to the famous Radgona Wine Cellar, where you will have an opportunity to taste local sparkling wines, a tour of a pumpkin seed oil-pressing facility, a visit to the mineral water spring in Ivanjševci, and a countryside lunch of local delights.

The price includes a tasting session of sparkling wines, lunch, a tour of an oil-pressing facility including a tasting session pumpkin seed oil, a visit to a mineral water spring, return transfer from your hotel, and guidance.


Daily at 7:30 or 10:30


8-10 hours.

Number of participants

The trip requires a minimum of two people to run.

Starting point

Your hotel or another place agreed on booking.

Language options

Slovenian, English, German, Croatian, Serbian.

Optional extras

  • €15 per person for bathing at the Terme Banovci thermal spa
  • €15 per person for a full-day version of the trip

The optional extras, including additional activities and visits to additional sights, are payable in cash during the course of the trip.


This trip can also be made by bicycle. More information is available directly from the trip organizer, LB&T Vegov hram.